Entreveure // Vislumbrar // Glimpse

'Instead of trying to make a plot that moves, use the movement of wind, or water, children, people, elevators, balls etc., as a poem might celebrate these.'

-Maya Deren

Directors Notes article about this film with more detailed information: http://www.directorsnotes.com/2014/03/28/ed-lawes-glimpse/

Filmed over six days in Catalonia, February 2014.

Photography/sound*/music/post-production by Ed Lawes for 1-4-4.com

*Some camera sound was used and some foley/ambiences/wild tracks were recorded in Birmingham but the majority of the film uses sounds from Barcelona/Spain recorded by the Freesound community (list of Freesound users/contributors at the bottom of this description). Many thanks to all of them.

Finally at the end of the film a tiny fragment of the L'Escolania Choir School can be heard. Unfortunately the camera sound was unusable so a suitable recording was found in their catalogue and used instead (mixed and EQ'd with a generic empty church ambience). The producers consider this 'fair use' as this is not a commercial product and the sample is so brief.

Thanks to Tara, Anne, Shaun, Kyran and Sergio.

Produced by Ed Lawes & Alan Dolhasz for 144 Picture, Sound & Music ©2014 Birmingham UK.

Camera equipment: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Samyang 8mm f3.5 Fisheye, Lumix14mm f2.5, Lumix 20mm f1.7, Sigma 35-70 f2.8 (old Pentax K model), Sigma 100-200mm f4.5 (old Minolta model). Shot in Pro Res and graded in Resolve.

Freesound contributors:
sonsdebarcelona, mario1298, soloan, rylius, ninebilly, digitalfish, marda, amszala, xdimebagx, melack, markb, conleec, timofei, stereodivo, happyband, cloudform, carles22, bulbastre, susoooo, nrn, divaldo11, ariat, klankbeeld, blakeyboots, erh, druki, sgel05, twistedlemon, geissler, bwav, marc-jodar, fdefunk, martats, eguaus, felinorama, eelke, subsys, toam, islabonita.